I Am Mother

Image result for I Am Mother poster

The second science fiction movie that I had picked out for my research to see more of them for 2019 was called I Am Mother, which was found on Netflix.  Released on Netflix June 7th, I Am Mother stars Rose Byrne, Clara Rugaard and Hilary Swank.

In an opportunity to attempt to repopulate a futuristic earth, a robot raises a daughter.  They create a family bond together and the robot helped to instruct the girl to be a productive human.

That is, until an unexpected guest arrives, another human, injured with a whole different story of what was happening outside.

I mean… why do we ever trust robots?

It seems like they are always a trouble.

The film played on the uncertainty of what was happening and who was telling the truth to Daughter.  A good chunk of the film played with what you were supposed to believe.

The young Danish actress, Clara Rugaard, feels like a star in the making.  She was really exceptional with the different tones and emotions in her performances.  Rose Byrne did the voice of Mother and she was great, too.

So far we are two for two in the “I must see more Sci-Fi films” watch.  This will certainly help the Best of the Year list.

4 stars

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