Freaks (2019)

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As I was working on the lists of best and worst for 2019, I came across the sci-fi films and I realized that there were just not very many that I had written down.  So I did some research to see if there were any science fiction films that I could stream to help fill out the lists.

In the research, I found a listing of the best and the worst sci-fi movies from Rotten Tomatoes and there were several high rated sci-fi films that I had not seen.  One of them was a movie called Freaks, which I had seen on Vudu.  So I went there to give it a watch.

It was excellent.

After being locked inside her house for seven years by her father (Emile Hirsch), Chloe (Lexy Kolker) starts to sneak outside despite the warnings that if she leaves the house, she would be in danger.  Outside, she meets a man claiming to be her grandfather (Bruce Dern) who has some differing stories than her father had.

The world is one where people called “Abnormals” or Freaks by the general public, are people with extra abilities who are hunted and exterminated by the government because of the threat they present.

The film started slowly, in almost a dreamlike state, because it took a while to get things moving, but once it gets going, it goes hard.  The action was intense and the stakes are very high.  I did not know how the film was going to take these characters or exactly what was happening, and I like feeling that way during a movie.

The performances in the film were very well done too.  Bruce Dern never gives a bad performance and this is no exception.  The other actors I did not recognize but they all did a stellar job in their roles.

The story is absolutely tense and dark. The world is not a friendly place for the Abnormals.  The uncertainty of the entire situation is only added to because the adults involved are keeping truths from Chloe, and from us as well.

This felt like a dark X-Men future that you might see in a What If scenario or an alternate future.  It is very well done and the movie was very engaging.  I am glad I took the time to watch it.

4.1 stars 

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