Best and Worst Animated 2019


2019 in animation was not as strong as in past years.  There is absolutely no Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse here.  Still, there were several that were pretty decent.

I actually skipped several animated films this year that I thought might be on that worst list, so there are not very many to make up the three that I listed.  I skipped animated movies such as Angry Birds 2, Ugly Dolls, Arctic Dogs etc.

Previous Winners: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse, Coco, Moana, Inside Out, Big Hero 6, Flashpoint, Paranorman, Winnie the Pooh


Best Animated Movie of the Year

#1.  Klaus.  A surprise pick from Netflix.  A great new version of the Santa Claus story.  Features J.K. Simmons as Klaus.

Image result for klaus

#2.  How to Train Your Dragon 3: Hidden World

#3.  Spies in Disguise

#4.  Toy Story 4

#5.  The Reign of Superman


Worst Animated Movie of 2019

#1.  Playmobil: The Movie.  A poor man’s Lego Movie, Playmobil: The Movie was one of the all-time flops.

Image result for playmobil the movie

#2.  The Addams Family

#3.  Wonder Park

#4.  Secret Life of Pets 2


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