The Secret of the Prince

The Secret of the Prince


Coming Soon to EYG Fan Fiction… the latest NGD Superdraft

Over at Hero Games NGD Forum, we have a semi-regular Superdraft.  This month, we are doing something different.  We are creating our own Medieval Fantasy story and casting it by picking our characters with actors.  This inspired me and I am writing up the story, something that I have not done for quite a few Superdrafts.

So far, I have drafted the following list of actors and the roles that they will be playing...

Kyleigh Curran as Neika aka Wyldsyde

Noah Jupe as Prince Jessup Stanton

Tilda Swinton as King Stanton

Scarlett Johansson as Ariana, royal consort

Alan Rickman as Sebastian DeClercq, evil wizard

On Sunday, I will cast the role of the Greatest Warrior of the Land, Ogden Wetherby, The Elder.



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