Star #1

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Birth of a Dragon Part One

Writer:  Kelly Thompson

Artist:  Javier Pina with Filipe Andrade

Cover Art:  Carmen Carnero & Jesus Aburtov

Flying from the pages of Captain Marvel, the new character Star has her own series from Marvel Comics.

I actually quite enjoyed the introduction of Star in the Captain Marvel series, but, as a villain, I did not see much of a future as a lead character of a series.  When I first heard that Marvel was giving her this series, I had my doubts.  However, after the first issue, I was very happy with the direction of the series.

Star gains her power from the Reality Stone that is inside her chest and that dynamic fed into the story.  The power attracted some characters that was unexpected and even shocking.  Star appears to fit right into the Marvel Universe and she blends well.

Kelly Thompson has been a writer around Marvel that I have been enjoying.  Her work on Hawkeye, Captain Marvel and Jessica Jones have been some of my favorites and she uses that experience in this book.  I think this is some of the best work that she had provided to this point.

I thought the art in the book was beautiful.  Javier Pina & Filipe Andrade provided some engaging images throughout the book.  I loved some of the colors used in the book.  The colors made many pages explode much more that I expected.  The colors changed depending on what was happening, or who was there.  It is lovely and I should give a shout out to color artist Jesus Aburtov.

I did not expect to enjoy this as much as I did and I am looking forward to seeing how it continues.  It appears that it is going to be a five-issue mini series so, if it goes well, maybe it will expand as they have done with Amazing Mary Jane.


Image result for star #1


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