Coronavirus to End the World

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Okay, maybe that is a bit of hyperbole.

At least, I hope it is hyperbole.

The Coronavirus, also called COVID-19, is spreading across the planet at a rapid speed and it is something that is hard to fathom.  Especially for someone like me, who lives in the middle of the country.  Many of these viruses and diseases from the past years always felt like something that they talked about on the news, but had little to no impact on my life.

However, with COVID-19, that is a totally different situation.

This virus has been deemed a worldwide pandemic and it has started to spread across the United States of America.  There are cases here in Iowa and we have even had some schools closing for a few weeks.  The feeling of the impending virus is a reality.

And now it is affecting the Geek Nation as well.

A Quiet Place II, The New Mutants, Mulan, Fast 9 release dates have been postponed over the fear that box office receipts would be negatively influenced.  Falcon & Winter Soldier had to cancel their shoot over seas in The Prague.  Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson were revealed to have caught the virus and are currently in quarantine in Australia.  Marvel Studio’s Shang Chi has been shut down when their director, Destin Daniel Cretton, has self-isolated.

The list of canceled or postponed events continued with the 2020 Canada Film Festival, the 58th Ann Arbor Film Festival, Disneyland, late night TV shows such as Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers, Universal Studios Hollywood theme park, Ebertfest, Wondercon, Broadway, 2020 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony, TCM Classic Film Festival, 2020 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, CinemaCon 2020, PaleyFest 2020,  SXSW 2020, among others.

While, at this point, Wrestlemania 36 is still scheduled, but there are rumors that it will be postponed soon.  MLB has canceled the remainder of the spring training games and has delayed the start of the season.  NBA has closed down for a month and then will reassess.  NHL is closed. The March Madness Basketball Men and Women Tournament has been canceled as has all the NCAA tournaments in any sports.  The Masters golf competition is closed.  There is speculation that the Olympics that are to be held in Japan will also be canceled.

And this is just the beginning.

It has affected my own viewing habits too.  I am currently getting over a cold and I have a nagging cough.  I have avoided going to the movie theater, not because I am afraid to catch the virus, but because I did not want other audience members looking cross at me every time I coughed.

Or worse.  Because the world is going a tad crazy here.  Fights in stores over toilet paper truly makes me wonder what kind of post-apocalyptic future we could truly handle.  Is the fight over toilet paper an American thing or did this happen in Italy or other European countries when that country was shut down?

Hopefully, all of this preemptive maneuvers help to minimize the effect and the exposure of the virus.  Remember to wash your hands and be safe.

2020 is off the charts right now.

I’m off to watch Netflix….

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