Final Exam vs. The Experiment


Released on $10 Patreon today was the latest team match-up, with two new teams debuting.


The two new teams are the Final Exam, which included Lon Harris and Paul Oyama, and The Experiment, who are Marc Edward Heuck and Eliot Dewberry.

The match was good, but I really wanted to talk about Lon Harris.

He was fantastic.  Previously, Lon Harris had played the character of “The Professor” and was snooty and was a film snob.  He formed teams with JTE and his brother, but neither really took off.  Last time we saw Lon, he stormed off the set and it was unknown what he was going to do.

LonandWinstonThen, there was a cut scene with Lon and Winston Marshall, the manager of S.W.A.G.– the team that drafted Lon, and we got a hint of the new character that Lon is going to play.  There is no more of the academic.  Now he is the Delinquent.  Drinking alcohol, lacking any motivation, ready to give it all up, Lon is completely different than the last time we saw him.

Then, watching this match, Lon was on fire.  Not only with the trivia, but with his character work.  As The Delinquent, Lon was funny as Winston and Paul tried to keep Lon from wandering off.  Lon played it as if he had never seen a Schmoedown before and was even surprised it was being filmed.  He acted as if he had no idea who Shannon Barney, KOrruption manager and manager of The Experiment, was.

He seemed refreshed from the last time I saw him and he showed it in his game.  I am very excited to see Lon continue this character and to see where he goes with this.

Lon was not the only new direction shown in this episode.  Paul Oyama dropped the leather jacket and sunglasses and brought a new approach with his attitude.  Oyama was more likable here than at any point last year.

We also saw the continuation of the storyline of the break up of the Wildberries with Shannon and Marc Edward Heuck tormenting Eliot Newberry.  At some point this season, this is building up toward Josh Macuga returning and saving Eliot from the evil KOrruption.

The team league looks to be off the charts this season, with a ton of new teams joining the fantastic carry over teams.  Such a powerful group of teams.

This match will be available to all on YouTube this Thursday.

team match

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