Spider-Woman #1

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Spider-Woman #1

Writer:  Karla Pacheco

Artist: Pere Perez

Cover Art:  Frank D’Armata


“New Costume, Who Dis?”

Writer:  Karla Pacheco

Artist:  Paulo Siqueira

I have been a fan of Jessica Drew for several years now.  The last version of Spider-Woman, pre-pregnant, was one of my favorite versions of the book.  The whole mom Spider-Woman was okay, but not my favorite.

However, this seems to have blended the last few group of Jessica Drew books into one and the first issue was hitting on some great character details.

I loved grumpy Jess.

I loved bad ass Spider-Woman.

How she approached each problem that arrived in this issue was really funny and creatively sound.

The new costume… it was fine.  I did not love it, but I have seen worse.  My favorite version of Jess’s costume was the leather jacket wearing, motorcycle-riding one.  This will work and it looks as if the costume may have some secrets that connect to the story being told in the book.  That is a plus!

And although it may have been a bit predictable, I loved what she did to “Deadpool” in this issue.

I want to see Jessica Drew and Jessica Jones together again.  See which one can swear the most. Ha!


Image result for spider-woman #1 2020




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