Schmoedown’s The Chosen


SPOILERS for Thursday’s IG Match

Today’s Innergeekdom match for the Movie Trivia Schmoedown was Chandru Dhandapani vs. Brandon Hanna and it features one of my personal favorite Schmoedown competitors.  He is “The Chosen.”

Chandru Dhandapani not only has a standout personalities in the Schmoedown, but he is also a remarkably well versed competitor in the Innergeekdom division.  The match was fun, but there was a distinct feeling that Chandru had taken a step up toward the upper echelon in the division.

Innergeekdom features a lot of solid competitors, but there are about three who are considered above the rest.  They are the champion, Kevin “Smasher” Smets, Mike “K.O. Kalinowski, and Mara Knopic.  These three are seen as the top of the division.  I think they need to step aside and make some room for The Chosen.

Chosen2Chandru had a perfect game in the match with Hanna, answering everything with precision and perfection.  With the exception of one second round question that he had to go to multiple choice for, Chandru showed his knowledge across the entire IG spectrum in the match.

You can see now in his second season of action that Chandru was taking his time to answer these questions.  Last season, he lost some important points because of mistakes in pronouncing a few of the answers, particularly in round two.  Chandru, originally from India, was close enough to the right answer that one wondered how much his accent cost him.  Here you could clearly see him focus and make sure that what he said was right.

Chosen3But not only his Chandru highly knowledgeable, but he also has a shining personality like the beacon of light from a lighthouse.  He always arrives to his matches in attire that fits perfectly within the IG division such as a Chewbacca jump suit or his Captain America uniform, but he also is constantly in motion.  Chandru comes through the curtain and starts dancing.  His energy is infectious.

Chandru seems to be a different force in the division.  Most of the competitors are intense and serious.  Chandru has been able to combine the joyfulness of doing something that he so obviously loves with the seriousness of the game.  That is a combination that would have to be incredibly challenging to play against.

Chandru is on the faction S.W.A.G., managed by Winston Marshall.  Though we wait for the Innergeekdom title match between Kevin Smets and Mara Knopic, neither of them should fall asleep on Chandru Dhandapani because he is coming up strong.


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