Big Time Adolescence

Big Time Adolescence (2019) - IMDb

I have been searching for new content on the streaming services recently since the theaters are currently closed with the COVID-19 pandemic.  I had seen this on Hulu once but I thought it was a series.  So when I heard the podcast Critically Acclaimed with William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold review this as a movie and give it a positive review, I went back to Hulu to check it out.

Mo (Griffin Gluck) is a young teen who has bonded with his sister’s former boyfriend Zeke (Pete Davidson), who is several years older than Mo.  They continue to hang out even after his sister and Zeke break up.

After years of friendship, now 16-year old Mo is convinced by Zeke to sell marijuana at his high school parties, which Mo is suddenly the star of the show.  However, the world starts condensing on him.

This coming of age story is actually quite solid.  Pete Davidson does a top level job as the loser who cares more than he lets on.  Zeke does have feelings for the kid and he tries to give him advice that he thinks will be helpful, despite the fact that his advice is poor most of the time.  Davidson has some real charisma and feels like he works in this type of film.

Young Griffin Gluck does a great job as well.  He has a natural feel to him and looks very comfortable on the screen.  He has chemistry with the other actors and portrays the awkwardness of the teen life extremely well.

Jon Cryer plays Reuben, Mo’s frustrated father.  Reuben is unsure how to deal with his son and his strange connection to Zeke.  Cryer is excellent in showing his exasperation with Mo and how he does not understand why Mo wants to spend so much time with Zeke.  Cryer is very believable and could have used more on screen time.

Big Time Adolescence is a sweet and enjoyable coming of age story that has good performances and a fun story.

4 stars  

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