Vampire State Building


Vampire State Building #1-4


Writer:  Ange & Patrick Renault

Artist:  Charlie Adlard

The COVID-19 virus has put a serious damper on my comic reading.  However, I was working on a Superdraft over at Hero Games Forum where we pick characters to fill out a potential story (which turned out to be my Fan Fic story here on the site called I Remember…) and I needed a vampire horde from comics.  So I went to Google and I did some research and discovered a four-issue limited series from a company called Ablaze named Vampire State Building.

As I did more research on this, I discovered that the art in the series was done by the artist from the Walking Dead comic series and everything that I saw about it looked interesting.

So, with my normal shop closed, I went to Amazon and found the four issue series, first printing, and ordered it.  It arrived the other day and I read it today.

I liked it very much.

It felt like it was the Walking Dead meets Die Hard with vampires.  The comic focused on the individuals/humans in the building and their struggle to avoid being killed by this massive horde of vampires.

However, it was not just a mindless horde of vamps as there was a purpose behind the mob.  There is an intriguing back story of the series and the vampires looked great.  Horror series seem to be hitting their stride recently with some the new books such as Something is Killing the Children and Tomorrow, and this one fits right into the genre.  The art is very reminiscent of the Walking Dead and does a fantastic job of creating a mood.

I might have like a little more depth to some of the characters.  The main two or three were well done, but there were a bunch that wound up basically sacrifices and I did not have much care for them.  I would have liked to see the story expand about an issue or so.

Still, this was a fun read, flowed well and had some great visuals.  There is apparently a bound version due out soon (if it has not yet been released) so if you want to give it a try, that may not be a bad way.



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