City Slickers (1991)

City Slickers 1991 U.S. One Sheet Poster | Posteritati Movie ...

I remember really enjoying this movie.  After watching it today, I realize that I absolutely love this movie.

City Slickers stars Billy Crystal, Bruno Kirby and Daniel Stern as three best friends who have been having their own troubles with real life.  So the trio look to find their smiles on a trip to drive cattle in the US southwest.

In this movie, the plot is pretty simple.  Honestly, the plot is inconsequential to the movie.  This is more of a character study with these three men who have been friends since childhood and how they have dealt with or have to deal with life.  The exchanges between the three of them are utterly brilliant and the dialogue draws the picture on who these men are.

From their discussions, we learn about their relationships with each other, with their significant others and with their fathers.  Each, seemingly silly, conversation has a deeper meaning delving into characterization for the three men.  It is a story of friendship and discovery.  No matter what was said or done, the three men were together and connected.

Of course, you can’t talk about City Slickers without talking about the great Jack Palance and his Oscar winning performance as Curly.  Palance brought an amazing presence to the screen with every moment Curly showed up.  Making the most of minimal screen time, Palance was a major force behind the story.

The other secondary characters were all fine, but not deeply developed.  However, everybody received their own moments that, while not deep, were character informing.  Oh, and Billy Crystal’s son is played by Jake Gyllenhaal.

Plus, the movie was extremely funny.  Billy Crystal was at the height of his game in this film and his witty banter made every line pop.  Although some might say When Harry Met Sally, for my money, this is Billy Crystal’s greatest lead performance.

City Slickers is character study that is a fantastic movie with comedy, drama and deep character development.  It has some emotional moments and really knows how to hit the feels.  It was better than I remembered.


City Slickers 1991 U.S. One Sheet Poster | Posteritati Movie ...

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