Diamonds are Forever (1971)

Diamonds Are Forever –

The Bond is back.

At least for one movie.  Sean Connery returned to the role of James Bond in Diamonds are Forever, which would turn out to be his final appearance as Bond until the 1980’s.

After having one film with George Lazenby as 007, Connery put the tuxedo back on to chase down his nemesis, Blofeld (Charles Gray), whose latest evil scheme is to steal a valuable assortment of diamonds to turn them into a powerful laser beam on a satellite.

Interestingly enough, Bond did not make any references to the dead wife at the end of the last movie, even though the cold open to this film was Bond violently in pursuit of Blofeld with very un-Bondlike tactics.

Sean Connery is, once again, a great Bond, even if he was starting to show some grey hair at his sideburns.

The story itself was fairly middling and lacked a lot of focus.  With Blofeld’s death in the cold open, it took away from the rest of the movie…especially when he shows back up later in the film.  He also loses a lot of villain cred because he simply needs to kill Bond when he has the chance.  Blofeld has had several opportunities to just shoot Bond in the head and keeps him around for some reason.  Maybe he, deep down, really wants Bond to stop him.  Bond movies are hidden psychological thrillers.

This does feel as if the franchise takes a turn into more of a cartoonish feel than the serious spy world here.  It is just waiting for Roger Moore to show up, I guess.


Diamonds Are Forever –

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