The Vast of Night

The Vast of Night” Poster and Trailer are Here! – Craig Zablo

I found a new film that appeared on Amazon Prime today called The Vast of Night.  That was a title that was intriguing and I was not sure what it meant.

It is the 1950’s in a small town in New Mexico.  The young teenager Fay (Sierra McCormick) went to her job at the telephone switchboard, walking with local radio DJ Everett (Jake Horowitz) on the way.  As she was switching calls, Fay hears a strange noise come across the radio.  This same sound came across the phone lines.  Curious, she called Everett at the radio station and they began an investigation into the mysterious sound.

I was really engaged in the story.  There was not a lot of action, so there are going to be people who think it is boring.  However, I found the dialogue and the monologues spoken by the characters to be compelling and thoroughly entertaining.  The monologues are delivered with a remarkable mood that creates a wonderfully creepy tone.

The film has an independent feel that, while may make the third act revelation a tad cheap looking, work for most of this movie.  The low budget look adds to the aura of the film and gives us the tone of the 1950’s movies.

Performances are solid from a group of actors who I had never seen before.  Jake Horowitz was a standout as the DJ.  These actors delivered strong performances and created their specific and developed characters mostly through their dialogue.

There was also a fascinating framing mechanism used in the film where the film made it look like it was a Twilight Zone-like show.  The use of the old fashion TV screen as a transition technique helped make this feel like that anthology show.  It fed right into the mood of the film.

If you are into old time movies and are nostalgic for the old sci-fi films of the 1950’s, you’ll probably get a kick out of this.  It is a slow burn, but it is worth the time.

4 stars 

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