The Wretched

Movie Review - The Wretched (2020)

This is the number one movie in the U.S. Box Office this week.

Strange, I know.  This is a horror movie that is being shown in a few of the drive-in theaters and the handful theaters of brick and mortar that are open.  I heard about this film being top of the box office from Dam Murrell’s YouTube show Charts with Dan.

Now, of course, we are not talking about massive amounts of money here.  Most of the theaters in the country are still closed down.  According to the last Box Office Mojo website, last week The Wretched made $216, 000.

Then, I found the film on Vudu and I rented it.

In The Wretched, a troubled teen Ben (John-Paul Howard) goes with his father Liam (Jamison Jones).  His parents were getting a divorce and it was causing serious problems for him.  However, it is not long after when he realizes that something strange was happening at their neighbor’s house.  There is a 1000-year old witch posing as the mother next door and making people forget about children.

I liked this movie for the most part.  The young actors are all solid and there is a tension in the plot that creates a anxiety in the viewers minds.  They play upon the uncertainty of what was happening and the creepiness of the witch.

There are some horror tropes that are in heavy use here.  One is the father who does not believe his child.  I can understand why he may not, but it is something that happens regularly in horror.  Now, to be fair, Liam actually comes around pretty quickly after Ben tells him about the witch, and, at least, there have not been a ton of mysterious things happening that the father just ignores.  Still, it is something that happens regularly.

I was very disappointed with the ending of the film too.  The last scene of the film truly takes the film off its rails and wastes everything that came before it.  Again, the twist end is a horror trope that this film applies.  I did not like the ending.

The rest of the film was pretty decent.  I have seen better horror movies, but for a small film, this is much better than many horror movies.  Despite the by the numbers plot, if you can find it, it is worth a watch, especially if you enjoy horror.

3.1 stars

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