Becky': Bearded Kevin James and Bloodied Lulu Wilson Square Off on ...

Kevin James?  Who knew you had this in ya?

Becky is a new film that appeared on VUDU this weekend featuring the former King of Queens star in a role that was a complete 180 degree turn for the actor.

Becky (Lulu Wilson) was on the way to a weekend getaway with her father Jeff (Joel McHale).  The was tension and troubles since her mother passed away and this weekend was meant to help get their relationship back on track.  However, there was more than just that on the agenda.  Jeff had brought Becky to tell her that he was going to marry Kayla (Amanda Brugel).  Becky reacted poorly to the news and ran off to hide out.

While this was going on, a group of killers, led by Dominick (Kevin James), escaped from custody and were making their way to the same lake house.

This was an extremely violent and gory survival film with some scenes that were very gross.  Becky took things to a definite level of viciousness that you would not expect from a teenage girl.  Driven by anger and vengeance, Becky a much more brutal version of Kevin McCallister from Home Alone.

There was also a good turn of acting from former WWE superstar Kurrgan, Robert Maillet, as the giant who was beginning to regret his actions.

As the group of villains, they were good, but I would have liked to have known more about them than what the film gave us.  They were certainly effectively evil, but their motivations were in question.

In particular, the group was after a key that Becky had found, but we never found out exactly why.  It feels like it is nothing more than a MacGuffin presented as a reason to get everyone at the lake house, but I did not know why this was such an important object.  Again, there were moments when the key is referenced or implied about, but the film totally leaves us wondering about it.  While that can be effective, in this case, there needs to be something more to let us understand what value the key holds.

Despite that, Lulu Wilson is completely savage in this movie and I would have liked a little more explanation on why she went so barbaric right away.  The actress is excellent in the role and I totally believed that she was crazed, but I just wanted a little more character here.

Still, it was very easy to root for Becky as she battled to survive and escape from this situation.

Though Becky could have used more development of the characters and maybe a touch more on the key, the movie is a tension-filled gorefest that actually had me looking away at least once.  Lulu Wilson and Kevin James are outstanding in their individual roles with James, perhaps, reinventing his career.

3.4 stars 

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