Adventureman #1

Adventureman #1 | Image Comics

Adventureman #1

Writer:  Matt Fraction

Artist:  Terry Dodson

Cover Art:  Terry and Rachel Dotson

Adventureman is a new series debuting today from Image Comics, written Matt Fraction and drawn by Terry Dotson.

I grabbed this book off the shelf because I did like the look of the cover and I have been enjoying more of the non-Marvel books lately.  The cover had that old-timey feel to it and as soon as I opened it up, you could tell that tone was purposeful.

The first part of the comic focused on an adventure set in the past with a group of heroes led by the heroic Adventureman.  It had a distinct pulp feel to the story and quickly set up some interesting characters with a basic background.  They were flying through the action and then, suddenly, things changed.

Now, we arrive in a different situation and we find the family that we will be following for the remainder of the issue.  There is a neat twist with the first part of the story and the rest of the book is spent introducing us to and developing our main protagonist, Claire.

Claire has lost her hearing and uses hearing aids to help her out.  We meet her son and the rest of her family in a chaotic family dinner.  Then, the plot drops a little unexpected MacGuffin in her lap.

The art is perfect for the tone of the book and really grabs the reader.  There are some wonderfully creepy panels included as well.

It is also a very large issue without advertisements inside.  It is also still priced at 3.99.  If one of the big two had a book this thick, it would certainly fall into the 8-10 dollar area.  This is certainly a bargain for comics today.

I enjoyed this issue quite a bit.  It gave me that pulp feel and set up a cool mysterious world that you are not sure what might happen next.  Attractive pages and well written story.


Adventureman #1 | Image Comics


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