X-Factor #1


X-Factor #1

Suite No. 1″ Prelude: Aurora Moratorium”

Writer:  Leah Williams

Artist:  David Baldeon

Cover Art:  Ivan Shavrin

I have not been a huge fan of the rebooted X-Men series.  I have only continued buying the main X-Men title since coming out of Powers of X/House of X series by Hickman.  So I did not have a lot of hope when I found X-Factor #1 in my pull box today.

Yet, I really enjoyed this book.

Northstar senses that his twin sister Aurora has died and he goes to demand that the resurrection process in Krakoa get started.   However, Hope demands proof of death before they start on the process.

Northstar and Polaris team up and recruit a group to help investigate what happened to her.

Joining Northstar and Polaris is Daken, Prodigy, Eye-Boy, and Rachel and they called themselves X-Factor.

I enjoyed the character interactions in the book.  I must say that the story of Aurora’s death was really underplayed.  I would not have minded if that had been spread out and made a little more substantial than what we got.  It felt like it was tossed in just to justify the creation of X-Factor.

However, the characterization was so good that I can excuse the lack of the plot with the hope that the story improves as the book continues.  The idea that X-Factor will be an investigative team looking for missing mutants and determining if a mutant has died is a solid hook for this comic.

I wonder if this book is just going to blend in with the other X-books and lose its identity.  That is one of the current strengths of this book so far.

It is an interesting and hopeful start at this point.



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