Shark Season

Review: Shark Season (2020) - Voices From The Balcony

You know, I’ve always liked a good shark movie.  I have even enjoyed a few of the not so good ones too.  I mean, they can’t all be Jaws, right?

Seeing this film on Vudu, I hoped that it would be a reasonable entertaining way to pass a Saturday afternon.


That is, unless, you wanted some of the most laugh out loud moments of shark attacks that have ever been placed on the screen.  Legitimately, I was cracking up at a scene where a group of dolphins seemingly intervened and attacked the sharks to save our kayakers.

Or, worse yet, when the “rogue” shark jumped through the air and ate the guy on a jet ski who had come to see if he could help.  One of the few times in film history where the movie literally had the shark jump the shark.

Three kayakers, Sarah (Paige McGarvin), Meghan (Juliana DeStefano) and Jason (Jack Pearson), paddled out to a group of islands that are quickly being flooded to take photos for something or other.  After the shark attacks, they are stranded and have to decide what they can do…either stay or try to make it to another island nearby.

As her phone is losing power, Sarah calls her father (Michael Madsen), who is involved in search and rescue.  He contacts the coast guard and other necessary agencies to try and find his daughter.

Poor Michael Madsen.  I mean, all he gets to do is talk on the phone and he does not have anything remotely close to an emotionally compelling reaction.  The most he gets in this movie is, every once in a while, he shouts out “that’s my daughter” to someone over the phone.  Perhaps he is meant to look like a calm professional, but he seems more dispassionate than calm.

They tried to provide some background depth to the characters, but it failed pretty massively.  There was a relationship storyline with the three characters, but since Jason dies quickly, it goes off track without much investigation.  Oh.. spoiler, by the way, but… you’re not going to watch this… so spoiler does not matter much.

This one is not good.  Even these shark movies that are dumb, some have decent shark imagery.  Not here.  There are unintentionally funny moments in here and they all involve the shark.

1 star

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