I am not sure why I missed this movie in 2017. I saw a ton of movies that year and this sure seems like it would have been one to see.

However, I am very pleased that it slipped off my radar then because that meant that I got a little jewel to watch this week.

We are a little over a week from the passing of Chadwick Boseman, shockingly from colon cancer. That loss struck me hard. I was a fan of Chadwick from his performance of Jackie Robinson in 42, James Brown in Get on Up and T’Challa in Black Panther. Every time Chadwick Boseman was on the matinee, you knew you were in for a great performance, even if the movie was just so-so.

So I knew that I had to see Marshall, the film where Chadwick portrayed Thurgood Marshall in a biopic that focused in on one specific case of rape that helped us see the man the way he truly was.

The NAACP sent Marshall into this case of a black man named Joseph Spell (Sterling K. Brown) was accused of raping a white woman (Kate Hudson). and throwing her off a bridge to die. Once there, Marshall recruited the uncertain lawyer Sam Friedman (Josh Gad) to try the case. Marshall himself was silenced by Judge Foster (James Cromwell) and he could not speak during the trial.

The film does an excellent job of both showing the dedication and personal sacrifices from Thurgood Marshall and also provided us with a thrilling courtroom drama as well.

Chadwick Boseman gave his typical brilliant performance. He had started a career of giving voice to these iconic black men elevating the idea of a movie star to another level. Boseman has not taken roles that brought down the black community. He has not played slaves or gang members. Instead, he showed real life powerhouses such as the first black MLB player, a beloved soul musician, and here the man who would become the first black Supreme Court Justice.

To be fair, Josh Gad does a fantastic job in this film playing opposite Boseman. Gad and Boseman have an easy chemistry and you can absolutely buy them together as a lawyers battling for the rights of their clients. Josh Gad has started to carve out for himself a solid career and this is a role in which he should be proud.

It is sad to think that we will never see any more Chadwick Boseman movies after his last film comes out. You can tell from Marshall, this young man had so much talent to share with the world. He was an inspiring individual to millions. He will totally be missed. : MARSHALL MOVIE POSTER 2 Sided ORIGINAL 27x40 THURGOOD MARSHALL  CHADWICK BOSEMAN : Everything Else

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