Come to Daddy

Come to Daddy (film) - Wikipedia

Elijah Wood is Frodo Baggins no more.

Now, he is man of privileged Norval Greenwood, who arrived at a cabin on the outskirts of the woods responding to a letter from his father. Norval has not seen his father for years, having had his father desert his mother and him when he was but a child.

The letter offered Norval knowledge of where his father was living and asked if he would come and see him.

When Norval arrived, he discovered something that was unexpected. His father was a jerk.

More than just a jerk, his father was violent and vicious. He was abusive and posed a threat to him.

This started a downward spiral for Norval, placing him right in the middle of a violent nightmare.

This was just a lot of fun. Dark comedy/horror aspects really made this script pop and there were moments of pure, unadulterated shock. Gorey and violent, the plot continued along winding up in places where you just did not expect it to go.

The story was original and downright funny. There were many moments where I was laughing out loud and several moments where I was laughing through gritted teeth. Other times I was reviling in shock.

Is it silly. Absolutely. It may not be a film for everyone, but I had a dang good time watching it and I did not guess anything that was going to happen.

4 stars 

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