Superman: Man of Tomorrow

Superman: Man of Tomorrow DVD Release Date September 8, 2020

DC Animation continues to create successful stories of the characters of the DC Universe. Here is a good example of giving everyone a great Superman movie.

It has been reported recently that the good folks at Warner Brothers are not anxious to do a Superman movie because they believed that he is not a character that the world can relate to these days. That is certainly poppycock as this amazing animated film can attest.

Another look at the origin of Superman, Man of Tomorrow shows us the first few appearances of Superman (Darren Criss) and place him in conflict with a monster accidentally created at Star Labs during Superman’s fight with alien bounty hunter Lobo (Ryan Hurst).

The monster, an accidentally mutated janitor named Roy Jones (the one and only Grant Ward from Agents of SHIELD, Brett Dalton), gained absorption powers and became the animated version of Parasite.

Parasite forced Superman to team up with Lex Luthor (Zachary Quinto) and the Martian Manhunter (Ike Amadi) to try and protect Metropolis.

I liked a lot of the slight adjustments to the normal Superman story here. The inclusion of Lobo and J’onn J’onzz made this surprising and the manner in which the movie used Lex Luthor was original. Lois Lane (Alexandria Daddario) was also just a little tweaked from what we are used to and it made Lois even more likable.

The animation was different than what we were used to in other DC movies and I kind of dug it. It had that comic book feel to it, without being the normally clunky animation used by the studio.

There really is no excuse for WB to ignore the calls for a new live-action Superman movie. Superman is absolutely a character that can be relatable to the masses. Superman: Man of Tomorrow adapted a successful comic series into a fantastic animated movie. It also included themes that are straight out of today’s society (aliens- fear around them). Superman has been around for decades for a reason.

4.5 stars 

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