Vampires vs. the Bronx

VAMPIRES VS THE BRONX Official Trailer And Poster | SEAT42F

October is underway and a new Netflix horror/comedy movie starring vampires hit the streaming service today.

Miguel (Jaden Michael), Bobby (Gerald Jones III) and Luis (Gregory Diaz IV) were best friends but they had to deal with plenty of issues as many young black kids may face. Then, when you add in vampires, well, that flips the script.

The three young actors do a great job here. Their chemistry together is one of the strongest part of the film. They were all extremely likable and worked well together. I especially liked Jaden Michael, who I kept thinking would make a tremendous Miles Morales in the MCU.

The first two-thirds of the movie were very solid. The time spent on these three characters was time well spent and helped pull the movie through some challenges in the third act.

Because the problems in the third act were large. The biggest of the problems was the special effects of the vampires. They looked cheap and amateurish. Those effects took me out of the film that I had been enjoying quite a bit up until that point.

The story did not help much in the conflict with the vampires. They seemed to die easily and everything that the three boys did seemed to work perfectly. Heck, even Blade, who we saw clips from in the film, had some troubles when fighting the vampires. Some of the emotion from the beginning of the film wound up being drained by the third act.

While it did not end strong, the first part of the film was pretty decent and it made me recommend the movie. It makes a nice Halloween month watch.

Vampires vs. The Bronx brings the feeling of the silliness of The Monster Squad and mixes it with the cheesy-factor of a Fright Night. It is a lot of fun, albeit fairly dumb fun. It survives the weak third act because of the early strength.

3.2 stars

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