Blade (1998)

The next film in the EYG Halloween Horror Bingefest is one of the early comic book movies that helped start the current trend in Blade, starring Westley Snipes as the Daywalker.

I have to say, there were more than a few moments of this movie that I was not a fan of on this viewing. While I still enjoyed Blade a lot, I did not love this as much as I did when I first saw it back in 1998.

Born of an infected mother, Blade (Westley Snipes) is the mixed blood between vampires and humans and he is out to kill all of the blood suckers. Working with weapon-maker Whistler (Kris Kristofferson), Blade has been searching for Deacon Frost (Stephen Dorff), whose plan to bring back the Blood God threatens everyone.

Westley Snipes is a great Blade. He made this role his own and it became iconic because of his portrayal. There were a time or two where I did not like choices that were made by the actor which did not feel like it was Blade, but that is a minor problem. He was much better than not as the Daywalker.

Stephen Dorff is excellent as the villainous Frost. He is slimy and as evil as they come. He is the best villain in the Blade franchise by a mile. There is also the great Donal Logue (Gotham’s Harvey Bullock) is here too as henchman Quinn.

Unfortunately, Kris Kristofferson feels fairly wasted here as Whistler, the cliched older father figure who you knew was destined to die. This archetype is overused in this type of movie.

The action in the movie is tremendous and takes this film to another level. The story or the performances were fine, but it is an action movie and, in that area, Blade really comes through in a stylish and dramatic fashion.

While it may not be as great of a movie as I once thought it was, Blade nails a lot of the genre of vampires and gives us an original, black hero to cheer for and Wesley Snipes is the perfect casting as Blade. I am anxious to see how Mahershala Ali fills the shoes when Blade debuts in the MCU.

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