The Wolf of Snow Hollow

First Poster + Trailer for Jim Cummings' 'The Wolf of Snow Hollow' -  Metaflix

This was quite an unexpected film. When I read the synopsis of The Wolf of Snow Hollow, I was intrigued enough to purchase it on Vudu. After watching it, this movie was very odd.

The small town of Snow Hollow was enthralled by terror as a young woman was brutally murdered and carved up in an attack during a full moon. This was just the first murder and the anger and fear from the citizens were directed at the police.

Officer John Marshall (Jim Cummings) was at the heart of the investigation, but he was struggling already. With an alcohol problem, a failed marriage, an estranged daughter (Chloe East), a father (Robert Forster) who was the sheriff but suffered from health issues that he refused to cop to, and a police force that had little respect or ability, the stresses of these brutal murders took its toll on him.

It was strange too that, as our protagonist, John Marshall was very difficult to like. He had distinct anger issues and was constantly screaming at people around him. He was distant from his daughter and the scenes of him with his ex-wife were hard to watch. Still, Jim Cummings pulls off this character with a deft touch where many other actors might have fallen into parody.

There were a ton of details and specifics that felt added on as if they were intended to be red herrings. Some of the details just are not important to the story and are there to throw the viewers off. To be fair, the mystery aspect of this film was one of the weaker aspects of it. It all kind of wrapped up suddenly and without much explanation.

There is a quirkiness to the film that kept me engaged throughout. I have to admit that there were a couple of moments where I felt as if I was ready to turn on the film, but there was just something about it that kept me watching.

The film felt to me like Fargo and Twin Peaks took on the werewolf movie. The Twin Peaks feel might come from the appearance of the late Robert Forster, who seemed to be playing the same character he played in the third extended season of Twin Peaks (Sheriff Truman) right down to the same white hat.

The oddball characters and offbeat situations gives the viewer something different and original in The Wolf of Snow Hollow. Surprisingly emotional, the battle of Officer Marshall to solve this case while traversing his troubled life is compelling and the messages are loud and clear.

3.5 stars

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