Creepshow (1982)

The EYG Horror Halloween Bingefest resumed this week with a horror/comedy anthology movie called Creepshow, directed by George A. Romero and written by Stephen King.

Creepshow is a compilation of five short stories brought together with the framing technique of stories from a horror comic owned by a young boy (Joe King) that had been thrown out by his loud and obnoxious father (Tom Atkins).

From there we move around to the different stories that feature a plethora of big time stars. The cast included Hal Holbrook, Leslie Nielson, Ted Danson, Ed Harris, Adrienne Barbeau, Stephen King, E.G. Marshall, Fritz Weaver, Don Keefer among others.

The movie was a serious slice of 1980s. There is no doubt which decade this film was created in. Watching it now gave me a huge feeling of nostalgia and that helped the presentation of the stories. The dark humor was funny as well, with a lot of irony cutting through the darkness.

My personal favorites of the anthology were “Something to Tide You Over” with Leslie Nielson looking to exact some revenge on Ted Danson, and “The Crate” where a certain monstrous creature arrives in a crate and goes about killing several people. Both of these were a hoot to watch.

The film was uneven, as some of the moments of Creepshow were not up to par as some others, but it was a lot of fun to watch. I especially enjoyed the comic book motif that was scattered throughout the film.

Certainly a horror/comedy classic and you may never look at a cockroach the same way again.

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