Candyman (1992)

Continuing with the October EYG Halloween Horror Bingefest, last night I watched the original Candyman, from the mind of Clive Barker, directed by Bernard Rose.

I had never seen Candyman and, honestly, knew very little about it going in. With that, I really enjoyed this horror film and found it to be original and very creepy.

Helen Lyle (Virginia Madsen) was a student who was preparing a college thesis on the urban legend of the Candyman, a creature who was said to arrive and murder people when the person would speak his name five times into a mirror. Helen was a true skeptic and was more interested in the psychology behind the phenomenon than the actual killer.

When it seemed as if she had proven her thesis, she made the mistake of summoning the Candyman and she found her life in a downward spiral.

The way Candyman attacked her was ingenious and very entertaining. Tony Todd brought a frightening ambiance to the character of the Candyman and the very reverence that the creature had among the neighborhood created the specific charisma of the character. The voice fit beautifully into the lexicon of the character.

Virginia Madsen is top notch as Helen, showing her growing fear and uncertainty of what is happening around her and how she just simply is never sure of what she can do.

There is a lot of blood and gore in the film but it is not done as an excuse. It has a reason for its inclusion in the story and, because of that, works well.

The music of the film helped increase the anxiety and tension that the movie was trying to build.

The ending of the movie was strong too, although the fire scene was a little confusing. I did enjoy the ironic resolution to Helen’s story.

I liked this one a lot. I am not sure why I had never seen it, or even knew much about it. One of the better horror films from the 1990s.

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