Best 2019 films in 2020

The first category of the Year in Review is a category to look at the top films that had been released in 2019 but I had not seen until 2020. This could be be films that had been released in limited release for Oscar consideration or limited release because of another release schedule. Because I do not want to include 2019 films on my 2020 list, I came up with this adjustment. This year there were four films that hit this category.

#4. Pain & Glory.

This is a Spanish speaking film featuring a great lead performance from Antonio Banderas. Banderas received an Oscar nomination for this role.


#3. Jay & Silent Bob Reboot. The return of the duo of Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes to their iconic roles in a story featuring Jay’s unknown daughter.

Jay And Silent Bob Reboot Begins Shoot As Kevin Smith Shares Set Photo |  Movies | Empire

#2. Just Mercy. Michael B. Jordan is a lawyer and he is trying to save Jamie Foxx who is on death row. Race court battle that is compelling as can be.

Just Mercy' Is Streaming for Free This Month to Educate Viewers on Systemic  Racism | Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine

#1. 1917. I loved this movie. It may have been near the top of the list last year had I seen it before the year ended (probably #3 behind Endgame and Jojo Rabbit).

1917' Movie Ending, Explained

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