The Don’t Feed the Trolls Award

Here is a brand new award for the Year in Review. Debuting this year is “The Don’t Feed the Trolls: Insane Internet Rage Scandal of the Year” Award.

This was inspired from this year’s winner. The craziness that can come into the world from social media locations such as Facebook or Twitter makes several corners of the internet a toxic place. So much so that many celebrities have left the platforms because of the trolls.

However, I decided that since that toxicity can be a serious situation, we would only “honor” those moments of internet rage that consist of pop culture references that should be considered silly to fight about. Though there were many instances of internet rage directed toward and for President Trump, for or against Black Lives Matter or threats directed toward people, I plan on keeping those out of this award consideration.

I debated about “Karen” videos that are all over the place, but I decided that those fall into the other serious category.

So… here are the three runners-up

Movie Trivia Schmoedown- Marc Andreyko puts down the answer Idris Alba instead of Elba and he wins the challenge. This led to so much chaos for several weeks over something that was not worth the time.

Roxy Striar fights off the trolls from her show. This just happened a few days ago on her Live at the Roxy when a bunch of internet trolls invaded Roxy’s chat with their hate speech and white supremist ideals. I left this in here because of how Roxy fought off the trolls until her moderators could clean them out.

What is the Snyder Cut exactly? The internet trolls were out and heavy for the announcement of the release of the Snyder cut of Justice League but you had better not make any sort of comment about the film not being a complete cut. The utter insanity here was amazing. It is going to be released. Calm down all.

The first winner….

Clearly it should be something about Star Wars, right? Yep…

Baby Yoda eats frog eggs.

Yes, the beloved character from The Mandalorian was not even immune to the trolls as the world lost their minds after Baby Yoda (aka The Child aka [SPOILERS] Grogu) ate some of the frog lady’s remaining eggs that she was trying to get safely to her husband. Cries of genocide echoed through the land. Sure, it may be a little dark, but it is not as if these eggs were fertilized yet. It was like having a boiled chicken egg. Some people used this as evidence to support the theory that Baby Yoda is evil. That sure feels like a stretch to me.

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