King in Black #1

“Chapter One: Reign”

Writer: Donny Cates

Artist: Ryan Stegman

Cover Art: Ryan Stegman, JP Mayer & Frank Martin

I have to say, I do not collect Venom comics.  I like the character, but I have just never been into him much.  I really did like the arrival of his son in the last Venom/Spidey event, but I have not seen anything from him since.

I enjoyed King in Black a great deal.  I have not been a fan of the last few Marvel massive crossover events.  If it is not tied to Spider-Man, I have basically waited for them to end.

I think this is going to be different.

There is such a feeling of dread involved in this issue.  The arrival of Knull is absolutely devastating for the heroes, and when you see Tony Stark reacting the way he does, you know there are problems.  Knull then almost immediately shows you his dominance in a powerful moment that you do not see coming.  

I still wish we could get rid of all the crossover issues.  These major Marvel milestones always feel as if the crossover issues are unimportant and are just there to try and get the collectors to shell out some more money.  However, the main book can be intriguing and this is one of those.

I am excited to see where the story goes.  The book did a good job of telling the story and I feel as if I have a pretty decent understanding of what is happening, even though I have not been a Venom reader.  This may be a good time to jump on.

And Knull is totally terrifying.  How is this monster going to be stopped?  Our heroes are clearly at a low point.  What are they going to do?

I can’t wait to see.

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