2020 EYG Frame Award- Best Animation

I have waited specifically for today before compiling this final list because of one specific film dropping on Disney + today. I anticipated that film making this list so I wanted to wait. Did it make it? If you read the review, you can probably guess.

Anyway… here we go.

Oh, previous winners first…

Previous Winners: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse, Coco, Moana, Inside Out, Big Hero 6, Flashpoint Paradox, Paranorman, Winnie the Pooh, Klaus

#10. Superman: Red Son. Superman crashes in Soviet Russia and becomes an agent of the USSR. How does that change the world?

#9. Trolls: World Tour. A sequel to a surprise hit that became the first major film to head to streaming as a release this past summer.

#8. The Croods: A New Age. An animated movie that goes absolutely bat shot crazy in the second half. And I respected that.

#7. Scoob! This was fine, but it could have been so much more. I want more of the story to focus in on Scooby-Doo, Shaggy and the gang and less on Blue Falcon and other Hanna Barbera characters.

#6. Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. The “infinity war” of the DC animation series. Apokolips is a major DC powerhouse villain (who inspired Marvel to create Thanos) and he has devastated the heroes. They try to come back.

#5. Over the Moon. The Netflix film featuring a young girl who builds a space ship to travel to the moon and find a goddess. It was great animation and a underappreciated film.

#4. Onward. A Pixar film that was able to be released in theaters early in the year. Chris Pratt and Tom Holland voice brothers who go on a trip to try and figure out how to use a magical staff to bring their father back to life for a short period. Emotional as any Pixar films can be.

#3. The Willoughbys. Another Netflix animated film from this year. A family of four kids try and get away from their abusive parents and they head out on adventures with their new nanny.

#2. Soul. Pixar’s second film that was released today on Disney +. Jamie Foxx was tremendous as a middle school band teacher who is desperate to play a gig with a quartet. Unfortunately, he dies before he can. He does not want to allow that to stop him.

#1. Wolfwalkers. The Apple Plus film which gives us a look at a fantasy story dealing with the men of a town trying to kill the wolves in the forest who are preventing them from expanding. This is such a great film and the animation is exceptionally original.

Wolfwalkers' Review: Cartoon Saloon Hits New Artistic Heights In Return To  Irish Folklore

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