Specter Inspectors #1

Specter Inspector #1

Writer: Bowen McCurdy & Kaitlyn Musto

Artist: Bowen McCurdy

Cover Art: Bowen McCurdy

Last week, I went to my comic shop for the Wednesday releases. I am still a huge Marvel fan, but I have been picking up more independent comics over the last few years because I have found so many great stories. I generally look at new #1s of independents just to see. I looked at Specter Inspectors and it looked like a kids book so I let it stay on the stand.

However, as I was sitting there reading some of the books that I had purchased, the owner Ben arrived. Ben was the one who practically forced me try Somebody is Killing the Children #1 and he asked me if I had picked up Specter Inspector #1. Before I knew what had happened, it was in my box to buy the next week.

This week I purchased it but I read some of the other books first. As I was getting ready to leave ComicWorld, Ben asked me again about Specter Inspector so I figured I better read it.

Wouldn’t you know it… I really loved it.

Specter Inspectors was like Scooby Doo meets The Ghost Hunters meets Rumpelstiltskin and maybe with a splash of a G-rated Evil Dead.

I have to say that I was surprised how much I enjoyed this book. There was a creepy haunted town, a group of young kids out to film the paranormal and make a name for themselves. There was a cool twist to set up the story and the interactions between the characters are great.

It is simply a lot of fun.

It is a five issue series, and, I can’t believe it, I’m looking forward to the rest of the Boom! Box series.

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