WandaVision episode 6

WandaVision has become what I look forward to the whole week. When I get home from work on Thursday, I know that the next thing I am going to be able to do is watch WandaVision.

Spoilers for WandaVision Episode 6

Where to start?

There are so many places that I could start. Maybe we start with the big cliffhanger from last week that seemed to break the Internet… the arrival of Pietro, Wanda’s brother, but played not by Aaron Taylor-Johnson as it was in the Age of Ultron, but Evan Peters, who played Quicksilver in the Fox X-Men movies. Theories abounded about what this meant for the MCU, for mutants, for Evan Peters himself. We still do not know what exactly this guy’s deal was, but he absolutely rocked the comic accurate costume with the unbelievable hair.

We see Pietro using his powers all throughout episode six, but is he truly Pietro? The show addresses the fact that he looked different, explicitly from Wanda herself and Pietro says he does not know. He does seem to know a lot about what his sister has done here, going as far as saying he was impressed with what she did. There were times that he felt like he was the MCU Pietro (like the time that he referred to their childhood or when he talked about getting gunned down in the street), but there were also a bunch of times where he felt as if he were pumping Wanda for info and doing things intended to gain a reaction from her.

Either way, Evan Peters was absolutely fantastic here and played the part of the fun-uncle in the 1990s/early 2000 sitcom perfectly. There were several times when Pietro himself commented on the tropes of the fun uncle within the dialogue of the show as if he knew what was happening. It is a brilliant piece of writing that continues to tie the show into the world of sitcoms.

Which, by the way, this week’s episode is honoring Malcolm in the Middle, from the theme song through to the changes in the camera work that was brought into by that show. We also had the twins, Billy and Tommy, both turning to the camera and talking about what was happening, just like Malcolm (Frankie Muniz) would on Malcolm in the Middle.

Speaking of the twins, Billy & Tommy gain their powers this episode as comic fans know will lead to them being Wiccan (Billy) and Speed (Tommy) in the Young Avengers. I’m not saying that these kids will be in those plans, but there is certainly a possibilities. Both of the young boys do an amazing job of acting in this episode. Julian Hilliard played Billy and Jett Klyne played Tommy and they have a couple of tough scenes and they bring the goods, which is important since Elizabeth Olson and Paul Bettany are consistently exceptional in WandaVision.

That brings us to one of the darkest moments in MCU history. An animated commercial for Yo-Magic yogurt. Yes, the commercial this week takes a bit of a turn and features a young boy stranded on a deserted island. The boy says he is hungry, and things look bad for him. However, a shark swims up to the island and offers the boy some Yo-Magic in a container. The boy tries to open it, but he cannot get his fingers to open the foil on the top of the container. We see a progression of time as the boy continues to try to get to the Yo-Magic, until he dies of starvation and is left behind as a skeleton, still grasping the yogurt container.

It was shocking watching the commercial. There a a ton of theories about what this commercial represents. As the previous commercials all pointed to trauma and bad experiences in Wanda’s life, this could represent the people of Westview, or Vision or Wanda herself. The magic can not be reached and the kid dies slowly because of it. Could this be a reference to the “big bad” that helped give Wanda the power to take over Westview, a power level that she had never displayed before? Is the shark a specific metaphor for something else in the story (I would say for sure)? No matter what, the commercial is quite sinister and devastating.

This week is the first week that I believed that SWORD Director Hayward had some ulterior motives in the story. I still do not believe that he is any sort of a maestro of what has happened to Wanda, but he is definitely looking to track Vision. I have seen a cool theory about Hayward being the person to create Sentinels in the MCU and that he was using the technology of Vision to do it. Hayward clearly had a grudge against super powered people, which he let slip in an argument with Monica Rambeau. There is something hidden behind his final firewall that Marcy had not breached yet. What is Project Cataract?

More points of interest this week:

  • What is going on with Agnes? Is she more than what we think or not? The meeting with Vision in her car seems to have thrown the theories of her being connected to the big bad into chaos.
  • Monica’s cells are being re-written? Is this how mutants are coming?
  • Vision being ripped apart by the Hex was horrifying
  • So was the image of zombie Pietro with bullet holes.
  • Jimmy Woo is good for more than just getting coffee!
  • Darcy gets swallowed by the Hex. What will happen to her?
  • Monica’s “guy” is still coming. Who is this aero engineer? Blue Marvel? Reed Richards? Her skrull friend? etc.
  • The Hex turned SWORD agents into clowns. Ha Ha Ha. Wanda throwing shade.
  • There are kids everywhere now. Where did they come from? Did Wanda have them “tucked in their beds until she needed them”?
  • The single tear of the woman frozen in place was heart wrenching.
  • As Vision is getting torn apart, he thinks of the people trapped in Westview.
  • People on the outskirts of town seem to be nearly frozen. Could it be that the farther you are away from Wanda, the less you are able to do?
Image result for wandavision episode 6 outskirts of westview

I can not wait until episode 7!

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