WandaVision Episode 8


“What is grief if not love persevering”” -Vision.


WandaVision episode 8, titled “Previously On”, breaks from the sitcom style to provide a flashback episode, looking at the past of Wanda Maximoff and all of her tragic events of her life. This included the quote above, which was stated by Vision in one of my absolutely favorite scenes of the series. It was a quiet moment between two characters and it showed how great they are together.

Speaking of that scene, it took place at Avengers Compound in Wanda’s room, probably sometime around Civil War. Wanda was alone and watching The Brady Bunch when Vision came in to speak with her. Their dialogue within the scene was beautiful, intimate and dealt with loss and grief. We got to see Wanda grieving for the loss of Pietro, which is something that we had not gotten to see before. The quote about grief above nearly broke me. It is such a deep and lovely thought and it showed how human the character of Vision truly was.

This scene was one of the flashback scenes that Agatha Harkness was forcing Wanda to relive in an attempt to get her to provide Agatha with the answers of how Wanda has been doing what she has with the Hex.

With this flashback episode, WandaVision hits some of the best emotional beats of the series. Another major emotional moment was when we see Wanda head to SWORD HQ to get Vision’s body. She wanted a funeral, but Hayward was not going to give the body away. $3 billion dollars worth of vibranium, he said. So, of course, this is where Wanda steals Vision’s body as he said she did several episodes ago, right?

Nope. She leaves after touching his head and saying that she “…can’t feel him.” We find out that Hayward lied about Wanda stealing Vision’s body. He still had it and he’s been trying to manipulate this situation. And in the mid-credit scene, we see the white Vision from West Coast Avengers, all because of Hayward and his machinations.

Of course, last episode revealed that it was “Agatha All Along” and we are confirmed that Kathryn Hahn is truly playing Agatha Harkness. This episode begins with a flashback to 1693 in Salem, Massachusetts where Agatha Harkness is being led to a stake by a group of women. We all believed that this was the Salem Witch Trials, but the show swerved us by making this Agatha’s coven. Her coven was ready to destroy her because she had done some dark magic, but Agatha drained the magic and the lifeforce from them (including her own mother) instead… much like a certain shark that was feeding on Yo Magic.

Back to Wanda, another flashback finds Wanda’s first exposure to the Mind Stone where we thought she got her powers… or did she? We got another flashback to the Stark Missile scene originally told by Pietro in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but the show hints at little Wanda using a probability hex to stop the bomb from exploding instead of it being a dud. So when the Mind Stone is in contact with Wanda, it amplifies her magic instead of giving it to her. Oh.. and by the way… we see a female form in the Mind Stone that sure looks like someone in a comic version of the Scarlet Witch costume.

At the episode’s end we get Agatha stating that Wanda is using chaos magic. She also claims that Wanda is a creature that was supposed to be a myth, but who had powers of creation, and she called her The Scarlet Witch. It was a jaw-dropping moment and absolutely sets the stage for where Wanda is heading in the MCU. It sounded as if The Scarlet Witch was a title given to a being of immense power within the chaos magic and Agatha was really jealous of Wanda’s capabilities.

I feel as if I have jumped all around this episode, but it is also how I felt when I was done watching the show. And, I swear, the episode was 40+ minutes, but it felt like 15. When it was over, I screamed out thinking that there was no way it was over yet. However, it was actually the longest of the series so far. WandaVision has done an amazing job of leaving us in a situation every week that makes us want more. It flies by and those end credits are like a punch to the gut. I sat on my couch this morning wondering how I was going to be able to wait until next Friday for the finale. Marvel has done a fantastic job at keeping us on the hook and getting us talking about WandaVision.

It seems that I say this every week, but Elizabeth Olson, Paul Bettany and Kathryn Hahn all deserve Emmy Awards for their work in this series. No excuses, Academy. Don’t pull that “it’s a super hero show” crap. This is next level work and they deserve everything.

What else did I miss?

  • Hayward is a dick. I mentioned it earlier, but I am not sure I made enough of a comment.
  • “Fietro?” : Fake Pietro… Agatha made a comment about him.
  • And where is Fietro and Monica? After their appearance in the mid credit scene last week, we do not see them this week. They’ll be back next week.
  • Agatha has a bird-eating rabbit.
  • Oh, and that bird? It was the cicada from last week transmutated into a bird by Agatha. Was that meant to squash the “Mephisto first appeared as a fly” bit?
  • The show confirmed that Wanda has been a life long fan of sitcoms, watching them back in Sokovia not only for entertainment and escapism, but to learn English.
  • The deed that seemed to appear in Wanda’s car seat was another heartbreaker. The deed appeared to be from Vision and was the plot of land in Westview where they could “grow old in” and signed by V.
  • Not sure when this deed came into play but it was what triggered Wanda to create the Hex. And she did it on her own.
  • We see the pre-Hex people of Westview, and they do not look happy. Maybe Wanda helped them after all?
  • They do not mention the magical book in Agatha’s basement this week.
  • The bomb that killed Wanda’s parents was shown and it was a horrible moment of shock for me. Did not expect it.
  • Agatha’s mother has a certain magical crown…hm.

This is the end of the penultimate episode of WandaVision. I am not sure how they can wrap it all up in one more episode. I am not sure how I am expected to do anything this next week until the finale arrives next week.

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