Non-Stop Spider-Man #1

Non-Stop Spider-Man #1

“Big Brain Play Chapter One”

Writer: Joe Kelly

Artist: Chris Bachalo

Cover Art: David Finch

Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 has found a rarity.

A Spider-Man book that I did not like.

Seriously, I love Spider-Man. I am anything but an unbiased fan. Had you said to me that Marvel would put out a new Spider-Man series that I would not enjoy, I would have laughed and guffawed at that person. Yet, here it is.

I have to say that I started off by being unimpressed with the art. With all due respect, Peter Parker looked different in every panel. There some interesting panels (especially like the Spidey on the car page), but overall, I found myself being distracted by the art.

The action was fast and furious… pun intended. I am not a huge fan of that franchise and I did not want it coming into my Spider-Man stories.

There were characters that I was not familiar with and I did not like the rapid narration of Spidey in the story and that is shocking to me. I love the character of Spider-Man, but this just did not feel right.

Now, that does not mean that I am not going to give this a chance. Perhaps it will grow on me as the story progresses. However, it did not get off to a fast start for me.

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