Thunder Force

Melissa McCartney and Octavia Spencer gain super powers to try and stop a group of super powered sociopaths called the Miscreants in the new super hero farce/comedy Thunder Force, arriving on Netflix this weekend.

In the world, an event gave random people super powers, but, unfortunately, only people who were sociopaths. This was, obviously, not good for the people. Now, Emily (Octavia Spencer) is trying to fulfill her lifelong goal to find a process to grant super powers to regular people to fight the Miscreants.

Emily is preparing to undergo the process to give herself super strength and invisibility, but an old friend from high school, Lydia (Melissa McCarthy) accidentally winds up getting the initial injections for the super strength. She then has to complete the process or her body might explode.

Emily continues to give herself the invisibility and the pair become a super hero team called Thunder Force. They confront the Mayor who insists on being called “The King” (Bobby Cannavale), who was also a Miscreant. He has Miscreant henchmen Laser (Pom Klementieff) and The Crab (Jason Bateman).

This is really pretty dumb and really fairly thin. It is a super hero comedy that did not have many laughs. It was a typical Melissa McCarthy film with super powers. Characters are two-dimensional with motivations that are simple and not complicated. They spend plenty of time dealing with the normal super hero tropes of an origin film and creates a minor story.

It was harmless though. It gave me a few laughs here and there. Not enough of them to really enjoy the film or to make up for its complete lack of depth, but it was not the worst movie I have seen this year.

The film does not give its talented cast much to do but they do their best anyway. These actors, McCarthy and Spencer especially, are likable and fun to watch. They both have had much better material in the past however.

Not much to this one, but it is not offensive and moves along reasonably. Since it is on Netflix, it may be worth a lazy Saturday/Sunday watch.

2.4 stars

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