The new sci-fi film hitting the theaters this weekend is Voyagers, and the basic premise of the film is Lord of the Flies in outer space.

In order to find a new world to inhabit because the earth was dying, a group of children are bred and birthed for a specific purpose: to be the people who give birth to the kids who would reestablish humanity. Since the trip would take 86 years, they needed a multigenerational approach.

As these young kids are growing, they are being instructed and protected by Richard (Colin Ferrell). When strange noises start happening outside the spaceship, Richard and Zac (Fionn Whitehead) were going to find out what it was. However, Zac and Christopher (Tye Sheridan) had discovered that the blue liquid that the group was required to drink daily was a drug to suppress sexual feelings and other emotions and they decided to stop taking it.

Without the drug, Zac became more wild and uncontained. When tragedy struck, Zac and Christopher wound up on opposite sides among the crew.

Sela (Lily-Rose Depp) was the medical examiner and one of the group of kids was with Christopher. She was pretty good here though I was not sure the reason why she and Christopher had the connection they had.

This movie had a couple of moments and a fascinating premise, but not enough for this to be successful. The characters are dull and uninspiring. I could not get the idea of Lord of the Flies out of my head the entire time. I was connecting characters with the novel and that became a distraction for me.

Fact is the movie is pretty forgettable and there is nothing that stands out. It is lightweight and unremarkable.

2 stars

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