The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 5


Episode 5 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier dropped on Disney + this morning and it brought another fantastic episode hot off the end of episode four’s shocking twist with the murderous John Walker and his bloody shield. Walker finds himself retreating from the area where he had murdered the Flagsmasher and into a nearby warehouse.

Falcon and Winter Soldier' Episode 5 release date, start time, runtime,  spoilers, and more

Bucky and Falcon arrive and approach John with the intention to give him to give up the shield. Let’s just say that John was not too excited about complying. Then, the three of them engage in an epic battle. Sam gets his wings ripped off. John gets his arm broken as they tear the shield away from him.

This was going to be our sole action beat of the episode as the remainder of the episode was full of amazing character driven moments and deep scenes of development.

Then, we see John Walker at a military trial and being removed from his rank and his commission. However, after the trial, John is approached by a mysterious woman who calls herself the Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine. I had to look twice when she walked up because I could not believe who I was seeing.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Amazing. She is playing a character with a lot of background in the Marvel Comics, but who knows who she is going to be here. Rumor has it that she is going to appear in the Black Widow movie coming up in June. However, no matter how epic I thought this was, all I could think was…

How did they keep this secret? I had no idea she was going to be here. And she is a huge star. We knew there was a big cameo in the episode, but I would not have guessed Julia Louis-Dreyfus if you gave me a month to guess. It also feels as if she is going to be a major factor moving forward in the MCU.

Baron Zemo arrives at the Sovokia Memorial and Bucky walked up to him. He makes it look like he is going to shoot Zemo in the head, but he reveals that he had removed the bullets. The Dora Milaje escorted Zemo to the Raft.

Zemo was fantastic in this entire show and Daniel Brühl stole every scene he was in. I love the fact that he is off to a super prison, ready to be brought back whenever we need him. In WandaVision, Agatha Harkness winds up in a prison (sort of) too so maybe Marvel has learned their lesson about killing off their awesome villain characters.

Sam started off by heading to Baltimore to carry on a conversation with Isaiah Bradley. This scene is short with Sam and Isaiah, but it was one of the more powerful scenes that you could get. This was a master class of acting between Carl Lumbley and Anthony Mackie. Finding this scene of racial injustice in a Marvel TV show is mind boggling. I hope somewhere down the road, we get more of Isaiah Bradley.

After this, Sam went back to his sister’s home to deal with the boat. They begin to fix it up and Sam gets the people of the community to pitch in. Bucky shows up with a suitcase from Wakanda. Then we get the first of out montage scenes as Sam and Bucky work on fixing the boat and it is one of the best things we see. It is such a heart warming moment that shows the relationship between them.

There is a second montage scene in the show this week as Sam is training with the shield. It was another fantastic scene that developed this friendship even more. Bucky looked at Sam and said, “When Steve told me what he was planning, I don’t think either of us really understood what it felt like for a black man to be handed the shield. How could we. I owe you an apology. I’m sorry.” One line and we see that Bucky finally understands the reasoning behind Sam’s choices for originally giving the shield back to the government. Sam then dove into his old ways of talking to soldiers with PTSD and he told Bucky how he can move on. It was a tight and brilliantly scripted moment that gave us the relationship that we have been waiting for. So many epic conversations in this episode that had so little action. Despite that, you do not miss the action one bit. This was a wonderful episode.

Other items

  • The scene where Sam’s nephews wake up Bucky as they are playing with the shield and the second one where one of them traces the star on the shield are simply inspirational and transcendent. It is a beautiful pair of scenes that give hope that even the little black boys can have hope in America.
  • Um… Sharon Carter… is she legit the Power Broker? She sent Batroc the Leaper to Karli and he is wanting to kill Sam. WTF
  • Unless Julia Louis-Dreyfus is the Power Broker and Sharon is working with her or working undercover.
  • Bucky flirting with Sam’s sister.. perfect.
  • The scene with John Walker talking to Lamar’s parents was all kinds of tragic. It gave us even more layers into the character of John Walker while giving us a taste of Lamar.
  • Isaiah Bradley’s tragic story needs to be told in some extended series somewhere.
  • Show blatantly leaves us dangling with the reveal of the new suit for Falcon from Wakanda. Can’t wait to see.
  • In the first mid-credit scene of the series, John Walker is making his own shield.
  • Batroc is here!
  • The show is setting up a huge final battle with our heroes and the Flagsmashers at the GRC for next week.
  • Christ…it was Julia Louis-Dreyfus!

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