Come True


For most of the time I was watching the Canadian horror/sci-fi film, Come True, I was mesmerized. There is a lot to like here. However, the ending of this film really takes the story in directions that…one, I did not see coming and…two, make very little sense.

18-year-old runaway Sarah Dunne (Julia Sarah Stone) sets herself up for a sleep disorder study to deal with her recurring nightmares. Soon, she discovers that the sleep study has more going on than one expects.

However, that is not what this movie is about. It is about dreams and about the nightmares that frighten us all. Or is it?

Through much of the film’s run time, Come True is beautifully shot and creates a feel of a living dream by the use of lights and imagery that is in a constant haze. It really is a lovely looking movie and one that is unlike any I have seen in quite a long time.

Narratively speaking, I have no idea exactly what happened.

Perhaps that is the purpose. Dreams can be a confusing and disjointed experience and maybe that is what this film is trying to portray. It just feels as if the third act of this movie took what was developing nicely in the first hour of the film and tossed it aside for a shock ending that is meant to be smarter than it turned out to be. The last part of this movie was a real letdown.

However, the first two acts were very strong and moved things along extremely well. There were plenty of situations that may have confused you, but it felt as if there was a progression of the story, and, again, it is beautifully shot. The acting is very solid, despite the cast being a group of actors whom I had never seen before. I really liked Julia Sarah Stone in this film. She felt as if she dominated the screen when she appeared and she carried herself like a star.

The other major role here was that of Jeremy (Landon Liboiron), but, after seeing the ending of the movie, his importance in the film may be up for debate. He was believable here.

I am happy I watched this, but I cannot shake the feeling that I was thinking that this could have been a classic film, only to have it spoiled by a nonsensical ending. After the first hour or so, I was thinking that this would be somewhere in the 4.5 stars range, but it took quite a downturn in my opinion. I’d still recommend you watch it, but temper your expectations.

3.2 stars

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