The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 6


This show was initially expected to be back to the Marvel formula of action. You have two buff stars and everybody absolutely knew that this was going to be nothing but a big Marvel action fest.

Oh, we did not know what we were going to get.

While the show had plenty of great action, The Falcon and the White Soldier brought so much more to the six episode series. The show dealt with issues of identity, racial disparity and entitlement and did them all extremely well. The show built Sam Wilson up into a position where it was clearly his right to take the mantel of Captain America.

The new Wakandan uniform is exceptional and appeared very comic book accurate. There was a slight concern on my part that they might remove the wings, but I was extremely pleased to see Sam rocketing across the sky at the beginning of the show.

The sixth episode starts with a ton of action, including some amazing aerial fights involving helicopters. The scenes are brilliantly shot and fill the anxiety of the viewers.

During the action scenes, we get confirmed that Sharon Carter was indeed the Power Broker. We did not get much info on why she is now the Power Broker (though they hinted at how the US ignored her), but I fully expect that the character of Sharon Carter has more to do in the MCU and that we will learn more about her as the years movie along.

She did end up killing Karli to “save” Sam’s life. She did save Sam as Karli was preparing to shoot him, but she was also doing it to keep the secret that she was the Power Broker silent. Sam brought the body of Karli to the authorities in a gorgeously shot scene.

John Walker has a bit of redemption in the action scenes too as he showed up with his newly minted shield. It may not have lasted long in the battle, but Walker made a solid choice to try and help save a group of people in a truck that were about to fall to their deaths. Wyatt Russell brought a really complex character in the series and, thankfully, he survived the show and, thanks to Julia Louis-Dreyfus, he is able to take his place as USAgent. Looking forward to more from him.

The monologue Sam gives to the Senator and the other members of the GRC is the final step for Sam to become Captain America in the eyes of the world. There are so many great lines included in the monologue that showed the world, including Isaiah, that he had the strength of character to be Cap. Bucky called him Cap. Tears came to my eyes when a bystander yelled “Yes, Black Falcon!” and another one said to him, “No, that’s Captain America.” Beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful, the scene at the end with Sam and Isaiah at the Smithsonian was such a wonderful tag to the side story of Isaiah.

TFATWS Ending Features a Touching Tribute to Isaiah Bradley

More details:

  • Batroc dies. Shot by Sharon.
  • Amazing scene where Sam flies through the helicopter, snatching away the pilot.
  • With Eli Bradley following with his grandfather, how long before we get The Patriot. The Smithsonian scene probably helped open Isaiah’s mind for the future of the Young Avenger.
  • Zemo gets the last laugh. His butler blows up the remaining Super Soldiers.
  • Sharon melted one of the super soldiers with poison gas. That was brutal.
  • Who does Sharon call in the mid credit scene? She got her pardon, her job back and an in to the secrets and weapons of the US government.
  • Hey Bucky… don’t take a cell phone from a mysterious person. You could die from that.
  • When Sam lands on the bridge, wraps his wings around the shield and allows the helicopter to bounce off him… I mean… WOW!
  • Two Redwings!
  • Walker quoting Lincoln. “Mercy bears richer fruit than strict justice.” Don’t quote Lincoln John.
  • Bucky gets invited to the cookout!

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier delivered great action and unexpected depth of character and emotion. This was the second huge hit for Marvel Studios on Disney +.

And now you can call it Captain America and the Winter Soldier!

Loki is next in June.

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