All About Eve (1950)

All About Eve is considered to be one of the greatest films in movie history, but it was one that I had never seen before. This is a perfect one to continue with the DailyView.

Bette Davis played Margo Channing, an aging stage actress who is approached by her uber-fan, Eve Harrington (Anne Baxter). The seemingly innocent and shy woman, Eve wormed her way into Channing’s life and, at first, seemed to be a great help. It is not too long until some of her true motivations would sneak through.

Eve has plans to first become Margo’s understudy and her manipulations continued to adjust her position, not only as an actress but also in life.

All About Eve is a real behind the scenes look at actors and the world that they lived in. The movie highlighted how selfish and self-absorbed these people were. The film does a top notch job of creating characters and developing them through the story. The dialogue was sharp and worked extremely well. The plot itself was pretty simplistic, but everything else was so well developed and done that it never bothered me.

The film may have been a touch too long, but, again, it did not have many moments that could have been dropped. Every scene had its reason and purpose.

All About Eve received a record 14 Academy Award nominations and won Best Picture (as well as five more Academy Awards). George Sanders won Best Supporting actor as Addison DeWitt, a columnist and theater critic who hooked his star to Eve.

It is a tremendous film that you should seek out and watch.

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