Duck Soup (1933)

Monday is going to be one of those days of the week (along with Wednesday) that will be challenging for me to continue the DailyView for the next month while school is still in session (especially on days Marvel dropped a beautifully powerful trailer). It is important to make sure that the scheduling of the movies on those two days is done well for the month of May.

Tonight, that scheduling led me to the 68 minute movie Duck Soup, what some have called the best film featuring the EYG Hall of Famers The Marx Brothers.

For those who do not know, the Marx Brothers were Groucho, Harpo, Zeppo and Chico. They appeared in a bunch of movies together as a comedy group, sort of playing characters, but not really. In Duck Soup, Groucho played Rufus T. Firefly, the newly appointed leader of the country of Freedonia, but he was really just playing the role of Groucho Marx. The same with Harpo and Chico, basically. The fourth of the Marx Brothers, Zeppo, was more the straight man (such as Bud Abbott was in Abbott and Costello) and he generally played more of a character.

When Rufus T. Firefly was appointed leader, the opposing country sent two spies into Freedonia to uncover what they could about Firefly. These spies were, of course, Harpo and Chico. After that, Chaos ensued.

That is basically the plot of the film.

And this was a hoot.

The slapstick was just fantastic with these men. Their timing was impeccable. The Marx Brothers could not help but to make the others in the scene frustrated and flustered, and, even when it seemed to be a bit mean-spirited, you can’t help but laugh.

Now, this was 1933 and there was some humor that would not be very appropriate for 2021 and a few of the jokes made me cringe. However, there were so many other moments that just made me laugh that I can set aside the moments of impropriety

This was full of silliness, music and a lot of laughs. It also features the classic opposite mirror gag. Duck Soup was a classic and I loved the Marx Brothers as a youth (just behind Abbott and Costello). It was great revisiting it today.

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