Cold Skin (2018)

The third movie of the day for the DailyView was one that had a rotten score on Rotten Tomatoes, but that I thought was considerably better than that. On the site, Cold Skin, the film directed by Xavier Gens, has currently a score of 48% which would make it “rotten.” It also had a 56% audience score, so plenty of people found this a bad movie.

I would disagree with all of them. I actually enjoyed this one quite a bit.

In 1914, a young man (David Oakes) arrives on a nearly deserted island near the Antarctic Circle. He is there to replace another man who had been placed on the island a year before as a weather observer. However, there was no sign of the man. The only person here was Gruner (Ray Stevenson), who manages the lighthouse. He claimed that the other man was dead, had walked away one night and never returned.

As the new young man settled into his new routine, he realized that there was more to this island than what he knew. When monsters attacked his cabin, the young man (who would be eventually called ‘friend’) desperately fought them off and had to retreat to the lighthouse, where Gruner is anything but welcoming.

The film was very dark, beautifully shot and filled with excellent practical effects. These monsters are great designs. The images of the island are wonderfully fitting with the isolation felt by the lighthouse.

Aura Garrido plays one of the monsters and she brings a lot of humanity to the role that could have been played with very little.

There is a conflict between Gruner and Friend that really does not go anywhere. It feels like a story beat just tossed out there to add to the anxiety, but it just goes nowhere and should have been removed.

I am also not sure about the very end of the movie. What happens at the last scene does not make sense to me and serves to downplay the story the movie was telling.

I found this movie exciting and tense. I was not sure what was going to happen and I was enjoying what was there. There were a few things that I would have liked to happen and the film did drop a few plot points, but it was overall a solid watch.

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