Loki Episode 1


Well, here we go again.

After two highly successful and entertaining Disney + Marvel series, WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Marvel Studios has arrived with the start of its third, hugely anticipated series, Loki. The first episode debuted on the streaming service in the middle of the night with what has to be considered one of the most impactful episodes for the MCU of any of the Disney + series so far.

The episode began with a recap of Avengers: Endgame, specifically the time travel in New York where we see Loki escape the clutches of his brother Thor and the others by using the Tesseract that Iron Man and Ant Man were attempting to steal in their “time heist.” These scenes are vitally important for anyone who was unsure about who this Loki was or for those two or three people who have never seen Endgame before.

We find out that the Tesseract takes Loki to Mongolia, into the Gobi Desert (in a scene that was reminiscent for me of when Ben Linus turned the wheel and was transported off the Island on LOST). Here, Loki gets confronted by members of the TVA.

The TVA stands for the Time Variance Authority, which turns out to be an all-powerful organization in place to keep the timeline clean. These time agents arrive any time that something happens that is not supposed to have happened and they deal with it. Actress Wunmi Mosaku played Hunter B-15, a standout in this first episode.

We are introduced to another one of the TVA agents, Mobius M. Mobius, played by Owen Wilson. Wilson and Tom Hiddleston’s chemistry is off the charts and it is setting up an awesome buddy cop type story moving along in Loki. Mobius, as is the entire TVA, is shown as a bureaucratic agent, much like all of the government agencies that we are familiar with. We can relate to Loki and his frustrations over the seemingly mindless paperwork and hoops that require jumping through.

The main thrust of the episode was taking this “variant” Loki from the 2012 time and showing him the parts of his life that he had not lived through yet. This is done through the use of clips from Avengers, Thor: Dark World, Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers; Infinity War. Watching Loki watch himself go through the loss of his mother, father, and his own death, as well as a nice moment between him and his brother, was extremely emotional. It allowed this version of Loki to reflect upon his life and the loss that is ahead. We know that these events lead to Loki discovering that he is more than just a would-be world conqueror, but to see him see it was tough.

We then get the set up for the remainder of the season. Mobius tells Loki that they want his help in stopping a variant that is causing trouble in the timeline… and that the variant is a Loki… and then we see this Loki torch some TVA agents in the 1850s.


  • Infinity stones! They use them as paperweights!
  • There was so many cool tech weapons or items, such as the time loop collar.
  • The look at the TVA… “city?” It had a very Fifth Element/Star Wars look to it. I’ve heard reference to Dr. Who as well.
  • Is this Mephisto finally? Or is it Loki with his horned helmet? According to Mobius, this devil is afraid of the TVA
  • We find out that the Avengers were not messing with time because what they did was what was “supposed to happen.”
  • The very idea of the inescapability of time makes me a tad concerned. I don’t want to think that the future cannot be altered. The past? fine. But the future is more challenging of a concept.
  • The animated PSA at the beginning is a great and simple way to bring everyone into the time travel concept the MCU is pushing.
  • Loki as DB Cooper because he lost a bet to Thor? AWESOME!
  • “Do a lot of people not know if they’re robots” is my favorite line of the whole show.
  • Episode title was “Glorious Purpose”, coming from Loki’s classic quote of being burdened with glorious purpose. It gets to the center of what the episode is about.
  • Loki’s reflection with Mobius near the episode’s end is powerful.
  • Tom Hiddleston plays this character brilliantly. He is so familiar with Loki that he can go deeper with just a glance or a look. Hiddleston is also one of the most charming of the all of the MCU actors.
  • The episode is 52 minutes long. It still goes quickly.
  • Why do the workers at the TVA not know what a fish is?

Loki has started with a fantastic episode full of humor, plot details and great characters. Loki and Mobius look to be a great pair and I can’t wait for the show to give me what it next.

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