Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)

In honor of the arrival of Loki on Disney + today, I wanted the DailyView to feature the one and only Tom Hiddleston so I went to IMDB to look for a movie that I had not seen from the God of Mischief himself. Obviously, it was not going to be anything from the MCU, which I have seen countless times, but there were several others that I had already seen: Crimson Peak, Kong: Skull Island, High-Rise, I Saw the Light…all of which I had seen. Then, I found an interesting one that I had never heard of before. Only Lovers Left Alive was released in 2013 and featured Hiddleston with Tilda Swinton and they were, apparently, playing vampires. I was sufficiently intrigued.

Tom Hiddleston was Adam, a depressed vampire who is a mysterious, but legendary musician. He records his music is secret and passes it to the world via a human (he called ‘zombie’) named Ian (Anton Yelchin). Feeling suicidal, Adam had Ian make him a wooden bullet.

His centuries old wife, Eve (Tilda Swinton) heard his desperation on the phone and she came to be with Adam and things were looking up. However, with the arrival of Eve’s wild sister Ava (Mia Wasikowska), the couple is thrown into chaos.

There should not be much doubt to this, but Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton are absolutely fantastic here. They are so charismatic that even with Hiddleston acting depressed and suicidal he is a joy to watch. The film succeeds on their back.

In fact, the story itself includes bits of events that happen to these two vampires in the current world. Even the stuff with the sister felt like a side note in the long run.

Eve has a close relationship with Christopher Marlowe (John Hurt). Yes, that Christopher Marlowe, who, according to the film, faked his own death in 1593 and survived under the protection of a protégé. Hurt is a nice addition to the cast and does some quality work here.

The film is very much about music and the passions of the heart and the search to find where you fall in the current world.

Only Lovers Left Alive is moody and melancholic, funny and sad at the same time and an intelligent character study of a pair who just happen to be vampires. It truly is unlike any vampire movie you have seen before. I do not know why I had never heard of this before, but I am happy that I got to watch it this morning.

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