Loki Episode Two


The second episode of Loki has dropped on Disney + last night/early this morning and it is continuing the excellent that episode one brought and it has significant impact for the MCU.

First off, I love the interplay between Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson. They look to be having a massive blast with every scene together. I love the dynamic and the way they both seem to know exactly what the other is trying to do. Mobius calling Loki out on his plan to take over the TVA and Loki saying to Mobius that it was cute that he was trying to manipulate him. The way Mobius tries to inspire Loki by playing into his ego and Loki always looking for the best situation for Loki. This pairing is gold.

The chase for the evil Loki variant that is causing problems is on and Mobius is playing on Loki’s ego to try and keep him focused. The beginning of the episode had a lot of paperwork, investigating files in search of any clue that might give them an idea of where the Loki variant is hiding. Loki comes up with an idea…something he would do. Apocalypses! Loki theorized that this variant could be hiding in the time prior to an apocalypse because it would not matter what was done, the timeline would not break off because they were all dead anyway. This is such clever writing and it leads to Loki and Mobius testing the theory at Pompeii.

After confirming Loki’s idea, they had to find which apocalypse was the one the variant would be hiding in. Thanks to the candy from last episode, they are able to narrow it down to some time around 2047-2051. As they continued to investigate this, Loki comes across the information about Ragnarok and the destruction of Asgard by Surtur. Again, we see how these pieces of information affect the God of Mischief, a single tear forming in his eye.

Loki finds where he believes the variant is located in 2050 and they send a strike team to search for the rogue variant. They wind up in this retail store in the middle of a huge storm. It is here where the major reveal occurs and we get to meet the Loki variant that has been causing all this chaos… Lady Loki.

Then, the even more major event happened. Lady Loki had been stealing the “time bombs” from the TVA agents that she killed and we see her plan. It was to attack the sacred timeline itself. The bombing of the sacred timeline looked to release the multiverse once again as variant branches began exploding from the line.

Rampant speculation: Lady Loki had snatched one of the TVA agent (C-20) and, apparently, got from her the location of the Timekeepers. Could Lady Loki have sent some of those reset charges to the location of the Timekeepers. Could the Timekeepers be reset?

Quick hits:

  • Mobius has never met the Timekeepers. Is that an important piece?
  • Will the series end with Mobius on a jet ski?
  • Miss Minutes returns as a tutor program for Loki.
  • Loki uses his magic to dry himself off.
  • The music on this series is spot on. It perfectly encompasses the tone and mood of each scene.
  • Can Loki be trusted? I have no idea.
  • Roxxcart… a market from Roxxon perhaps?
  • We got more from the Ravonna Renslayer, played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw, this episode. It looks like she is going to play a bigger part than we first thought.
  • “Holding Out For A Hero from Bonnie Tyler is having quite the comback.

This has been amazing so far. With Loki stepping through the time door in pursuit of Lady Loki, leaving Mobius and the TVA agents behind, who knows what is going to happen next.

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