Village of the Damned (1960)

Creepy children.

The DailyView today heads back into 1960 to one of the classic horror/sci-fi films of the time featuring the horror trope of creepy children. The Village of the Damned was directed by Wolf Rilla and starred George Sanders and Barbara Shelley.

one normal day, the entire village of Midwich all at once passed out and stayed unconscious for several hours. It was unclear what had caused the phenomenon, but everything was kept silent. A few months later, several women discovered that they were pregnant, including a few of them who could not possibly be pregnant.

When women gave birth, it was all on the same night and the children seemed more advanced than they should have been. As they grew, it became clear that the children were special. Gordon Zellaby (George Sanders), the father of one of the children, David (Martin Stephens), and a scientist, believes bringing the children together is the way to determine exactly what was going on with them. It does not take long to see that this may not have been the best choice ever made.

Village of the Damned is a classic horror movie that has a remarkable eerie feel and a tone that can’t help but create a ton of anxiety and tension.

Creepy children always work well in horror to build suspense and an uneasiness among the viewers and these children with their blonde hair and strange glowing eyes absolute fill that mark.

It is intriguing as well that the film really only touches upon what is going on with these children and does not go into great detail. I think that is effective and helps continue to build an uncertainty in the movie.

Great film with some gore-less scares.

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