Constantine: City of Demons-The Movie (2018)

The DC Animated movies have always been great stories with average animation. One of the biggest beneficial characters of these animations has been John Constantine. Not only has he had his own animated web series (which was compiled into this film), but he also was one of the prime characters in the most recent series of Justice League Dark animated films. It is a character that has come a long way since the Keanu Reeves movie.

Matt Ryan voiced Constantine (and played him in a live-action series as well) and rapidly became a huge fan-favorite among the fandom. Ryan provides a perfect voice for the occult detective and you can tell how well he does during this film.

Constantine is brought into a hospital by his childhood friend Chas (Damian O’Hare), whose daughter has slipped into a coma. The doctors were at a loss and Chas thought his old friend Constantine might have insight that the doctors did not have. He discovered that the little girl’s soul was no longer in her body, and he set off into the darkness to try and save her from the demons.

The animation on the DC films are always the biggest weakness of them. The animation is typically just average, basic as you may see on any television cartoon. However, I will say that there are several moments in Constantine: City of Demons- The Movie where we have what looks like still shots and they are beautiful. So while the animation itself is average, at best, there are some great shots in the film. Those do make the overall movie better to look at.

The story is solid and has a real powerful and emotional twist at the end. The battle between Constantine and the demon Beroul (Jim Meskimen) is extremely well done and works on several different levels. This would lead into the Justice League Dark films that starred Constantine as a major player.

Constantine: City of Demons-The Movie is violent, bloody, gory and a load of fun. Probably not for the youngest viewers, fans of the Constantine movie and live action show should enjoy this take on the demon hunter.

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