Idiocracy (2006)

I can only assume this is a satire.

Otherwise, it is one of the stupider movies I have seen in awhile.

That, however, does not make it a terrible movie. In fact, there are some funny bits in Idiocracy, the next movie in the DailyView. It is not great though. In fact, it leans heavily on stupidity and that tends to be a joke that runs its course early in the movie.

Joe Bauers (Luke Wilson) was in the army, and sneaking by without accomplishing anything. Then, he got reassigned to be in a special project, to test a way to freeze him and have him thaw back out in a year. They picked up another test subject, a prostitute Rita (Maya Rudolph). They put both of them into the status chamber and put them to sleep.

Major problem… the military man in charge of the program got taken over and the world went to crap. Joe and Rita spent not one year, but 500 in the chamber. When they awoke, it was 2505 and the world was all dumb people. They tried to make it to a time machine to find their way home, but troubles popped up everywhere.

There were some funny bits, but the movie carried on like an overlong SNL skit.

Luke Wilson is pretty average in the film. That is what the character is supposed to be. There is little personality to Joe and he does not show a lot of emotion. You would think a few of the situations he finds himself in might lead to a touch of emoting.

Maya Rudolph is funny too, but her character has a one trait that they try to milk as a joke throughout the entire movie too. She is a likeable actress so you want to root for her, which is the key for the movie.

Every other character in the movie are completely annoying. Dax Shepard as Frito is desperately unfunny. Terry Crews as President Camacho is too over the top. The rest of the cast is all the same, just playing stupid humanoids.

The movie does not hold up very well either. Some of the words they use are words that most people do not use anymore. They are insulting and not funny.

In the end, the movie did not have enough of a plot to carry itself through the whole time and there is not much in the way of characters. There are some funny moments, but not enough to justify the film.

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