The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)

Today’s DailyView film will wrap up the Bourne trilogy of films that I had not originally seen. There are two more Bourne films and I have seen both of those, and, quite frankly, are a serious step down in quality over the first three.

Bourne Ultimatum sees Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) back in conflict with the secret organization, Operation Blackbriar, within the CIA, now led by Noah Vosen (David Strathairn). Bourne comes out of hiding to meet a reporter (Paddy Considine) who has been running a story on Blackbriar and Bourne’s background. During the meeting, the reporter gets killed an triggered one of the old memories of Bourne’s recruitment into the program to start with and Jason decided that he needed to follow the lead to the end of the road.

The Jason Bourne franchise has been exciting and filled with dramatic action. Matt Damon has been the key to all of it as he plays Jason Bourne with a generousness about him. He is real and honest despite the fact that he is an assassin and has done terrible things over the years. He is intelligent and is a thinking man’s action hero.

Speaking of action, I do wish that there would be less of the “shaky cam” shots during the action scenes. I makes it difficult to see (and yes, I know that is the purpose of the shaky cam). With as much hand-to-hand combat and chase scenes that fill this movie, that shaky cam becomes an annoyance more than anything.

I have to say, the appearance of Nicky (Julia Styles) in this film felt forced and too coincidental. Her use during The Bourne Supremacy (after a much large role in the Bourne Identity) made sense, but this one just felt as if they wanted to toss her in as a hook between the three films. I’m not sure she was needed here. Having said that, Julia Styles is always solid and Nicky has been a good character in the franchise.

Bourne Ultimatum is the loudest, brashest of the trilogy, with nonstop action. This brings the trilogy to a satisfactory conclusion (including an exceptional ending shot) and it does that without sacrificing the thinking man motif that the previous films had adopted.

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